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Receive Status Bar Alerts For All Facebook Notifications On Android

New to the market, Facebook Notifications is an Android app that vows to put an end to your quest for receiving notifications from your favorite social networking service right on your device. Unlike the official Android variant of Facebook, this app keeps you alert you of all your new Facebook notifications after regular, user-defined intervals of time. Each received notification can be opened via the official Facebook app (v1.6 or higher) or the network’s mobile website. In addition,Facebook Notifications supports extensive configuration so that you can filter all your notifications as desired.


Needless to say that when launched for the first time, the apprequires authentication of your Facebook account, after which you may head over to its home screen. On this screen, you have separate tabs pertaining to your generic Facebook notifications as well as for your friend requests, event invitations and private messages. Manual update of notifications can be done by tapping Menu > Update now or by hitting Tap to refresh.


From within the app’s Menu, you may also mark all notifications as ‘read’ and/or remove all read notifications. Also within this menu, you have the app’s Settings button that can be tapped to tweak various options such as auto-starting the app’s service when the device boots and specify cache size for storing profile pictures, the app’s update interval and the default action to open various notifications (the official Facebook app or a browser).

From said screen, you can also pick from preferred events for which you wish to be notified, enable/disable displaying notifications in the status bar and toggle vibration, sounds and LED flash/color on or off for all received notifications.


It is worth mentioning here that the free version of Facebook Notifications is restricted in the number of notification categories that it supports and lets you specify an auto-update interval of no less than 30 minutes. However, a paid version of Facebook Notifications is also available in the Android Market for $1.41, which not only frees you from the aforementioned restrictions but also adds quite a few handy features such as displaying notifications for friends’ birthdays and pokes, opening notifications via FriendCaster, Seesmic and others. The paid app also supports pop-up notifications, a couple of homescreen widgets and can also be used to specify notification timings for night mode so that you aren’t disturbed during your sleep.

Download MB Notifications for FB (free) for Android

Download MB Notifications for Facebook for Android (Paid)


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