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Recipe Shows: Watch Video Instructions For Food Recipes [WP7]

Recipe Shows is a delicious Windows Phone 7 app which can help you in cooking just about any dish, and instead of some hard-to-follow text instructions, you get whole video recipes from popular cooking shows. The app has a strikingly fine interface and the content inside is just as good. Using Recipe Shows, you can get recipes for cuisines from all over the world, and the best part is, you get everything for free.

Recipe Shows Top Rated Recipe Shows Menu

As soon as you enter the app, the first section that meets your eyes is the top rated menu, which has the top 6 or 8 recipes featured by the app or most liked by other users. Here, only the thumbnail image of the recipe is displayed rather than its name, but in most cases, the image is clear enough to identify the dish. The recent section is set out pretty similarly, and that’s the place you should scour to keep up to date with the latest additions made to Recipe Shows. The homepage of the app lists options like search, favorites and history.

Recipe Shows List Recipe Shows Sources

Searching will give you all the links related to the keyword you typed in, and clicking on the link will take you straight to the video in YouTube. If you don’t want to cook anything in particular and are just in the mood for browsing through recipes to satisfy your culinary curiosity, then you can go to the recipe list present at the homepage. Here, in addition to the recent and top-rated sections, there are also tabs for shows and downloads. The shows section features all the sources from which Recipe Shows pulls its data. This includes a number of TV shows, YouTube channels and categories by region. The regional cuisines featured in the app include French, Chinese and Indian, but these aren’t the only ones present; you can try searching for any food item and you are likely to get lucky.

Recipe Shows Videos Recipe Shows Ingredients

In our experience, most of the videos worked fine, but a few displayed the error of being not supported on the device. Each recipe you find in the listed sections is accompanied by a graphic list of ingredients. The Live Tile support for Recipe Shows is nice as well. You can pin individual recipes to the Start screen by tapping and holding the video link. For a free app, Recipe Shows is one that deserves to be given a try.

Download Recipe Shows


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