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Record Audio In Mp3 Format With Hi-Q Mp3 Recorder For Android

If those low bitrates and fuzzy audio quality of your phones native audio recording app bother you, and/or you’re looking for a handy alternative, then you’re in luck. A new app has hit the Market that let’s you record audio at 4 varying bitrates including 128kbps. Hi-Q Mp3 Recorder is a fairly simple app that does best what it was developed to do. Let’s walkthrough this app with the help of some screenshots. The app was tested on our Samsung Galaxy S.

When you run the app for the first time, it will run a check on whether your phone can support the recording at 44khz and whether it is powerful enough to convert and produce that in an mp3 format. Once the test is complete, press Continue and you’ll be presented with a fairly simple recording interface.


There are quite a handful of useful options bundled along with this app. One option that we found really interesting was it’s ability to stop recording when the disk reaches a pre-defined available space. However the most appealing aspect of this app are those bitrates we mentioned about earlier on. We set the recording quality to 128kbps and trust us, we did fell a major difference.


Now enough about options, let’s get down to the recording aspect of Hi-Q Recorder. To record, hit the red button at the bottom of the main interface. There’s a nice analyzer showing you the volume at which the audio signals are being received when the app is recording. Also, the app continues to record in the background. Of course, you can exit it.


After you’ve done recording, you can playback your recorded files through this app as well. You can rename the file, or even share it with your friends via Bluetooth, email or other compatible apps.


There you go, another simple app for our most common needs. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder is available in the Market as a free and $3.19 paid variant. The free version restricts total recording time to just 10 minutes. On the other hand, the paid app not only lifts the recording time limitation, but also lets you get your hands on several other handy features. These include option to pause recording, and recording audio with bit rate up to 320 kpbs. Both variants are available in the Google Play Store, and should work on most Android devices.

Download Hi-Q Mp3 Recorder (Full)

Download Hi-Q Mp3 Recorder (Lite)

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