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Recover iPhone From Boot Logo With CaniHazRecover

Time and time again you might find your iPhone or iPod Touch stuck in an endless loop on the Apple boot logo. Previously, the only solution used to be restoring your device, which would essentially mean not only considerable consumption of time, but also loss of all your data. iTunes does create backups, but what about the stuff on your media disk?

Enter the solution named CaniHazRecover, a Mac-only tool to recover a boot-stuck iPhone or iPod Touch without causing any damage. Good thing is that using this tool you won’t lose any of your music, pictures, videos etc.


Image Courtesy of iPhoneHeat

Usage is simple. Unzip the downloaded file and run one of the four red-stickered files corresponding to your device. Follow the instructions and your device will be recovered.


As of now, CaniHazRecover supports iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2G non-MC model only. It works with Mac operating environment.

Download CaniHazRecover

[via iPhoneHeat]

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