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Reddit Stream Displays A Slideshow Of The Best Images From Reddit [Android]

Unlike the iOS App Store, Google Play Store is lacking an official client of Reddit. That said, looking at all the various third-party clients that Android users have at their disposal to access the fast-growing Q&A based social network, one doesn’t really feel desperately deprived of an official client at all. Adding to the list of unofficial Reddit clients for Android is Reddit Stream – a simple yet fun-filled third-party Reddit app for Android that fetches the best images and comments from the network, and presents them on your screen in the form of a slideshow. Sporting a minimalistic interface, Reddit Stream automatically keeps circling through the best and latest content from Reddit, complete with user comments and image descriptions. The app can be customized to fetch content from preferred subreddits, so that you can enjoy the latest Reddit photo stream from topics that interest you, at an interval and with an image quality of your choice. Then there is also an option to prevent your device’s screen from timing out for as long as the app is running, so that you don’t have to worry about keeping the device awake or unlocking the screen constantly; this can prove to be pretty useful if you use a dock. If you love Reddit for the thousands of hilarious images that are shared on the network every day, then you’re certainly going to love this app too.

Reddit-Stream-Android-Home3 Reddit-Stream-Android-Comments

When launched, the app displays a random image from Reddit along with its title and the subreddit that it is under. Swipe left or right across the screen to switch between images. Tapping Menu lets you Pause the stream, open the current image in a browser, toggle displaying comments, or open the app’s Settings screen.

Reddit-Stream-Android-Subreddits Reddit-Stream-Android-Home1

From within the settings screen, you can pick your favorite subreddit, select the preferred feed sorting method (by latest, hottest or top rated), and specify a subreddit that isn’t already listed within the app’s predefined list of categories. From the same screen, you can disable screen timeout, specify the time interval between switching of images in slideshow, and select the image quality.

Reddit-Stream-Android-Home2 Reddit-Stream-Android-Settings

All in all, Reddit Stream is a great way to spend some spare time exploring rage comics and images posted on Reddit. If the images alone aren’t enough to satisfy you, the amusing comments under each are sure to keep you entertained.

Download Reddit Stream for Android

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