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Reddit Sync: ICS-Themed Reddit Browser With Offline Viewing [Android]

Previously reviewed BaconReader by OneLouder Apps might be one of the most complete and comprehensive third-party Reddit clients for Android, but there are quite a few other candidates consistently vying for the top spot. One such app is Reddit Sync that has been around for quite a while now, improving considerably with each update. For instance, in its current version, the app is perhaps the only Reddit browser to have a good Holo UI. Other than pleasing aesthetics, the app provides most of what other clients have to offer – up/down voting and commenting on posts, managing your favorite subreddits, previewing posts, inline comments and images, and viewing images (in full-screen) and other content natively, as well as via an external browser. Additionally, the app lets you select the color of its theme, toggle between day and night reading modes, access your Reddit inbox, post custom links, images & texts and specify the number of subreddit pages that you wish to sync to your device for offline access.


By default, the app opens to a customizable Reddit Frontpage that can be set to display the top Reddit posts from the last hour, day, week, month, year, or of all time. To filter posts, tap the menu/more bars button in the top-right corner. Swiping left/right on the screen lets you switch to another popular subreddit, such as Android, Images, Music et al.

Once you’re logged in, the app displays an additional column, named Subreddits, that can be used to search for, add and sort your favorite subreddits. You can then customize all tabs as per your personal preference, and begin commenting on posts.


To preview an image, text, video or other content included within a post, tap the relevant icon at the extreme right of the post tile. Long-pressing a post reveals a context menu with options to upvote, downvote, save post, save image (if any), share post, and view the post in full-screen.

Head over to the app’s settings (Menu > Settings), and you are presented with the option to select the color of the app’s theme (you are provided with a total of 5 colors to pick from), toggle between day and night reading mode, pre-fetch images, minimize bandwidth by loading smaller/compressed images, and clear the app’s cache etc.


All in all, a nice, intuitive way to experience Reddit on Android. As it currently stands, Reddit Sync is a good all-round package that could become even better if it adds a homescreen widget, improved subreddit search, access to Reddit inbox, and most importantly, the option to submit your own posts to Reddit.

Download Reddit Sync for Android

Update: The app has just been updated (to v5.0.0) with several sought-after features, including extended Reddit search,  option to sync desired pages (along with comments) and access to your personal Reddit Inbox.

Update 2: Version 6.4.0 of Reddit Sync brings several other handy features, such as enhanced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean support, space-efficient image caching, as well as the option to hide NSFW posts, view casual (unsubscribed) Subreddits, hide NSFW posts, and see the total number of up/down votes on comments.

Update 3: Version 6.5.1 adds better Android 4.1 Jelly Bean support and improved graphics, but most importantly, the update brings with it yet another much badly missed feature: ability to post custom URLs, texts and images.

Update 4: Another update, another addition of a slew of much sought-after features to our favorite Holo-themed Reddit Android client. This time, the biggest feature enhancements come in the form of tablet-optimization, a brand new comments section, option to edit & delete comments, support for Reddit Best Of posts, and several other routine bug fixes.

Update 5: Version 7.6 of Reddit Sync brings support for full-screen browsing, a High Quality (HQ) button for full-screen images, compatibility with x86 and MIPS devices, and a brand new sliding menu.

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