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Remote Lock Phone & Tracker – Remote Wipe via SMS Commands [Android]

Installation of numerous apps to track and protect the contents of your phone proving to be too much of a hassle? Free Remote Phone Lock & Tracker for Android is a free (ad-supported) application that allows you to track your misplaced/stolen phone and protect the private data contained within via SMS commands. With the availability of similar apps like Cellphone Tracker, Lookout and Find my Phone in the Android Market, what makes this app stand out is its considerable simplicity. Keep in mind that this app is developed by a non-native English speaker, you will find quite some English mistakes in the app.

Set passwordEnable Phone LockAdministrator privileges

Upon following a one click procedure to input the password, it opens a screen which allows you to enable the phone locking mechanism. The app requires administrator privileges to function. Remember, once you’ve granted said privileges to the app, you must remove it from the list of device administrators from Location & Security Settings > Select device administrators.

We can set the SMS commands to to find the location of the phone, either wipe all the data from the phone or just from the SD card.

App Home screenSMS commandsimage

The apps automatically wipes the data from the SD card and internal memory after a user-defined number of times an incorrect password or unlock pattern is entered. You can even set what message should be displayed upon the insertion of an incorrect password. This can prove to be very useful if your phone lands into hands of an honest individual. You can set the message to contain an alternate phone number.

This application is a simple yet effective privacy protection and anti-theft solution. It does not just track your misplaced phone for you but also ensures that the sensitive data on your device does not land into the wrong hands.
You can download this app from the Android Market for free via this link or the QR code provided.

Download Free Remote Phone Lock & Tracker (Not available on Play Store anymore)


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