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App Backup & Restore For Android – Auto-Backup Apps At Installation

To have a backup of your mobile device’s contents is of great importance these days. Android devices are capable of fully synchronizing and providing a backup for all your contacts and settings but with the growing utilization of device memory and the flooding of alluring apps in the Android Market, one can easily lose track of all the apps one has installed and that can be a hassle upon resetting your phone or switching to a different ROM etc. That’s why it is of great importance to have a backup of all your favorite applications securely stored on your SD card for restoring in such cases. App Backup & Restore makes backups of all apps installed on your phone and stores them in a directory of your choice on your SD card.

App Backup & RestoreOptions

This feature rich and aptly named app backup and restoration app comes with a straightforward no-frills interface making it extremely easy for anyone to use it for backing up and restoring the apps on their Android phones and tablets. To perform a manual backup anytime after installing this app, simply open the app and start selecting your desired applications to be backed up. The archives are automatically created in the /App_Backup_Restore directory on your SD card but this path can be changed in the app settings through Settings > Backup path.

While manual backups can be useful and should do it for many of us, that’s not all there is to App Backup & Restore. One of the key features of this app is that it can also be customized to automatically backup apps right after installation. Yes, you read that right; you install an app and App Backup & Restore backs it up for you right away so that you don’t even have to worry about manually taking backups every now and then. This feature is what makes this free tool stand out compared to the likes of Titanium Backup. You can specify the maximum number of backups per app that you want to keep and it will automatically discard the oldest ones when it reaches the limit, making sure the latest versions stay in your backup.

One limitation of App Backup & Restore  is that it does not allow you to backup or restore app data. That means only the APK files will be backed up, and all your settings and app data will be lost. Still, it will save you the hassle of reinstalling all your favorite apps all over again from Market. With frequent updates and a low space requirement, it deserves to have a place in your list of essential apps.

You can install App Backup & Restore for free from Android Market using the link given below.

Download App Backup & Restore


  1. I had to reset my phone to factory settings. Didn’t want to go through, find and install all the apps again. Worked great. Easy to use. Definitely suggest using if you need to backup or restore your phone.

  2. In the article, you say Android will “backup for all your contacts and settings”. Define settings? If I get a replacement phone and sign in using my gmail account, what settings are restore? None than I can think of. Ringtones, system settings etc are not restored. Please clarify.

    As far as this app, it will not backup data (no app can unless you are rooted). Also, it will not backup the Market Link. Meaning if you use “App Backup & Restore” to restore an app, you will never get updates via the Market.

    I don’t see the benefit of this app.

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