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Remote Ringer Helps You Find Your Misplaced & Silent Android Phone

Our smartphones are meant to carry plenty of personal and sensitive data, which makes it almost inevitable to have the device secured in the best way possible. Another thing that you need to ensure is to activate the ringer mode whenever you aren’t meant to carry the device with you to some meetings, seminars or other gatherings. This ensures a couple of things; not only a ringer-enabled mobile device keep you apprised of your important notifications, but also helps you place a call to your device, in case you happen to misplace it.How do you find your lost mobile phone while it sits silent in a corner of your room? Well, here is an Android app that can surely lend a helping hand in such cases. Remote Ringer changes your phone from silent mode to ringer mode in a very interesting and secure way so that you can easily locate your beloved phone by enabling its ringer. Based on the concept of Where’s My Droid, Remote Ringer does the exact job by setting your device to ringer mode with the combination of a secret code that can be sent as a text message from an authorized phone number.

As amazing and simple the concept of RemoteRinger may sound, it can prove to be mighty effective in situations where you are unable to locate your lost Android device. Forgetting to turn on the ringer after returning from work is common for most mobile users. As a result of this negligence, staying busy for hours searching for their ‘silent’ phone is a routine matter too. In such situations, even calls from other numbers don’t help the cause. Remote Ringer however, does the job quite smartly for you. While Where’s My Droid uses the combination of a passphrase and GPS to turn your device to ringer mode, Remote Ringer does the same through a secret code and an authorized number. The app integrates with your Android’s stock address book to help you determine the number that you wish to set as the Authorized number.

The mechanism works quite simply. Just launch the app, tap settings and enable the service on your device. The secret code, when sent as a text message from the authorized number (another phone) triggers the ringer on your phone. Once the phone is put to ringer mode, you can call on your number to find it easily.

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