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Remove / Delete / Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android

Are you tired of constantly deleting identical numbers on your Android phone by manually searching for each number and deleting it? The reason for duplicate contacts is that you’re synced with Gmail and other services that have multiple contact entries, and this can get quite frustrating if you want to keep your contact book clean and organized. Contact Analyzer for Android helps you analyze contacts and then optimize them accordingly by deleting or merging identical numbers, emails, IMs, and postal addresses. For more information, continue reading.

Many of us use multiple online services for communicating with our friends, coworkers and family, such as GMail, Facebook, Twitter, our corporate email accounts etc. As we keep on using these services, our contact lists on them keep on expanding, and multiple contact entries get spread across all these services. When we add these accounts to our Android devices and set them to sync all our information including our contacts, our Android phone book can end up with multiple entries for the same contacts, as synced from multiple services. At times these are mere duplicates while at other times, one entry may contain more information than the other, or both may contain some different information. Sorting all this out requires merging some entries and deleting others altogether. With Contact Analyzer, the process of doing so becomes much easier than doing it the manual way that is sure to cause a headache to many of us.

Once you launch Contact Analyzer, all your contacts appear on its main screen and can then be expanded by tapping on the name, displaying both the information and the location where they are saved. To get a complete review of each contact, select Information from the Menu. A list will appear on your screen showing you the number of contacts, phone numbers, emails, Instant messaging contacts, and postal addresses.


Duplicates can be deleted and contacts can be merged with same account information from the Menu. Moreover, you can also search for contacts with identical numbers. This feature helps to avoid the presence of different contacts with same numbers.


All these features make Contact Analyzer a simple and handy tool to keep your contacts sorted out by removing multiple entries, and makes it a must-have for most of us. Contact Analyzer is available for free on Android Market and can be installed using the link given below.

Download Contact Analyzer from Android Market

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