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Rendezvous: Create/Manage Facebook Events & Find GroupOn Deals Nearby [WP7]

Windows Phone 7’s latest version, Mango, comes with detailed integration of Facebook events with the stock Calendar app. But there is always room for improvement and Rendezvous is an app which brings literally each and every thing related to Facebook events to your WP7 device. iOS and Android have got quite a few apps from Facebook in addition to the official Facebook client, like the Groups app and Facebook Camera. While WP7 lacks any such app, this void is filled by a lot of third-party apps. Rendezvous will let you manage and create Facebook events with complete ease, but it does not stop there. Not only does it allow you to view your own events but those of your friends as well, and every once in a while, you can stumble across some pretty useful GroupOn deals.

RendezvousRendezvous Upcoming EventsRendezvous Friends' Events

The WP7 calendar app only lets you view (and manage) your own events. Rendezvous, on the other hand, also lets you see all your friends’ Facebook events, add them to your profile and set your your status for each (as “Attending”, for instance). In addition to merely viewing Facebook events, you can also create them from within the app. The options for event creation are as comprehensive as the ones in the official Facebook app. You can add as many details to each event as you want, and it is also possible to invite people to join your event by tagging them, or sending direct invitations. You can use Rendezvous to discover events planned for places near your current location. The option to search for a particular place, and look for events going on there.

Rendezvous NearbyRendezvous New Event

As stated earlier, there’s more to Rendezvous than just dealing with events. With this app, you can browse GroupOn deals currently advertised in places near your current location, complete with expiration time and the discount offered for each. If you come across a GroupOn deal that you really like, it is possible to share it with your friends by posting it to your Facebook wall. Rendezvous is also a good app to have if you want to learn more about any item that is currently being offered on sale.

Rendezvous DealsRendezvous Events Summary

Rendezvous is a free app and can be found in the Web Marketplace at the download link provided below. You are sure to find the app useful if the Events section in the official Facebook app for WP7 frustrates you.

Download Rendezvous For Windows Phone

[via WMPowerUser]

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