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RepairPal For iPhone Assists You In Maintaining Your Car’s Condition

If you own a car, then acquiring more knowledge about its working and internal systems is unavoidable. A considerable portion of your time each month is bound to be spent in thinking about the problems which plague your automobile, and the money it takes to rectify them. Won’t it be nice if there was a motor repairman always at your beck and call? That’s exactly what RepairPal is supposed to be. This neat iOS app lets its users in car maintenance, and you can makes sure that you never have to worry about your vehicle ever again. You get to see the estimate cost of each repair operation, and if you are stuck in the middle of the highway, RepairPal will also send its team of specialist motor mechanics to get things sorted out for you.

RepairPal Models RepairPal iPhone

It is better if you sign up for a RepairPal account before you start using the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but it is not compulsory and you can keep using it as a guest user as well. Signing up is easy, and requires nothing more than your email address, a new password and screen name. Once you have done that, you are ready to personalize RepairPal. First of all, tap the main top bar, and choose your car. You have to specify the car’s Make, Year and Model, and the app even lets you assign a nickname to your ride if want. If you own more than one cars, the app supports multiple vehicle records too. Users also have to mention the number of miles the car has travelled, as well as the average mileage in the year.

RepairPal Repairs RepairPal Assistance

Whenever your car breaks down, and you have to get it repaired, you can get an estimate price for the expected work, and that can be done by going to the Get Estimate menu. In that section of RepairPal you will see all kinds of possible repair types, categories according to the part of the vehicle, starting from Brakes problems, and going all the way to the Fuel Exhaust. If you can’t figure out what exactly the problem is, you can either contact the car’s makers or there is the Roadside Assistance offered by RepairPal, which lets you place a call to the repairing team immediately.

RepairPal Estimate RepairPal History

RepairPal lets you track all your expenditures on car maintenance, and even keeps the history of repairs your automobile has undergone. The app will also find nearby service stations for you, and tell you all about the kind of services you can get there. If you have a car and an iPhone, head to the App Store link below, where you can grab RepairPal for free.

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