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Replace iOS Spotlight Search With Any Webpage Using WebSpot [Cydia]

Although the Spotlight search area in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices comes in handy on a number of occasions, there is a considerable percentage of users who find it useless and a waste of the iOS Springboard space. If you are one of those people, there is a bunch of stuff you can do to the Spotlight to alter it to your liking, using Cydia tweaks like Fbspot and CommandSpot. However, you will find out that the Cydia store also has some tweaks which replace the Spotlight completely, and now another such tweak has been added to the jailbreak store. WebSpot lets its users pin any webpage or web app to the Spotlight search area, removing the Spotlight altogether. Read on if you find this concept interesting.

WebSpot WebSpot Spotlight

WebSpot is available in the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, and you can download it for free. After its installation, the tweak will add a new menu of its own in the stock Settings app. It is in this menu that you can add the URL of the webpage or web app that you want to set in place of the search area. After you have done that, just go to the Springboard of your iPhone, and then navigate to Spotlight. Wait for a few seconds, as initially, there will be just a blank screen. Once the page has finished loading, you can browse through it just as if it is opened in Safari.

If you use a web app in that area, like Facebook, it is fully functional and you can use it to its full extent. All the links on the pinned page remain active, you can go to other pages from there as well and enter any text in the available text areas too. Of course, WebSpot does not add any address bar to the Spotlight search area, and the tweak is intended for people who use just one website very often. For a free tweak, WebSpot can prove to be a good addition to your device, if you are willing to part company with the Spotlight search functionality. A much more reasonable alternative to this tweak could be to simply pin the desired webpage to your Home screen. Of course, you will still have to tap and open it before being able to do anything or read the content on the website, but at least your Spotlight will remain in working order.

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