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Retroid For Android Adds Retro Effects To Your Photos

Avid photography fans have plenty of quality apps to choose from the Android Market. That being said, most of the apps are either plain camera replacement solutions or, at best,support integration with some sort of social networking service to allow users share their snaps with the entire world. If, however, you’re fond of adding snazzy effects to your photos before sharing them over the web then you should definitely give Retroid for Android a try. The freeware allows you to retroize photos taken from a shortcut within the app itself, plus any image stored on the SD card of the device.

New to the Market, the freeware doesn’t (as of this writing) offer as many effects as older, more popular picture editors, but the ones that it does look absolutely amazing – as good as, or perhaps even better, than those offered by the iOS’s flagship photo-snazzifier, Instagram. Also, the developers have promised additional effect packs in future updates.

Retroid For Android

The app has a good-looking user interface, which, even the most loyal Android fanboy would admit, is somewhat a rarity in the Android app world. At the same time, it is very easy to use. Simply select an effect from the available effect pack, then tap search to select a picture from the SD card or snap to take a new photo. If you have multiple camera apps installed, tapping snap will display a list of all said apps, allowing you to select one of your choice.

Retroid For AndroidEffects

Once you’re done taking a photo or selecting an image from your SD card, the app shows you a preview of the picture with the effect applied, allowing you to save it to the SD card or share it directly over the web or Bluetooth. Feast your eyes on the screenshots below.

Preview Orient BurnPreview Old Skool


We tested the application with a few camera apps. Using both MIUI and Cyanogenmod 7’s native camera apps via the snap option, Retroid ended up distorting the picture significantly after applying the selected effect.

However, with Camera360 (a popular camera app available on the Android Market for free) said distortion was not observed. Alternatively, you could always use the native camera application to take pictures and use Retroid afterwards to apply effects.

Download Retroid for Android

Update: Retroid seems to have been pulled from the Play Store. Thankfully, there are other similar alternatives available to satiate your photo retroizing needs. For instance, you may grab Instagram or Retro Camera instead.

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  • Dan

    I just downloaded this app and it is definitely as good if not better than instagram. Very cool.

    • Dauman

      Hi Dan!
      Sadly it’s removed from the market, any chance you can outsource it and send it to me?
      That would be very kind!!

  • Peter

    I have a few photo apps and this one is top tier if not already the best. Knowing that new effect packs are coming too makes it a no brainer to install.

    • Dauman

      Hi Peter!
      Any chance you can outsource it and send it to me?
      That would be very kind!!After a Crash it was sadly gone and never again in the market!

  • Andrew

    Looks like the app has been removed from the App Store. Anyone know why or has it been renamed?

  • Jessica

    I want this app BADLY, but it’s not in the app store, and I can’t find anything on the internet or Twitter saying why it was removed or if it will be put back in the app store. PLEASE HELP get to the bottom of this mystery, addictivetips.com! I want Retroid Photo app!!! 🙂

  • lori

    Same here.. can’t find! Why??
    Fx Camera just isn’t the same!