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Ripple Lock Is Honeycomb-Inspired Lockscreen Replacement For Android

Ripple Lock for Android is a lockscreen replacement app with an interface that takes after that of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb stock lockscreen. New to the Android Market, the app still requires quite a bit of refinement. The unlock animation, though quite stylish, tends to slow down at times and the status bar remains accessible while the lockscreen is active. Hopefully, said problems will be resolved in future updates.


The unlock animation, courtesy of the Honeycomb-inspired ripple/pulse effect, looks quite snazzy. Drag the lock away from the center of the unlock circle and it begins generating ripples. Release your hold on it and after a few ripples it returns to its original position. Drag it to the edge of the circle to unlock.

Ripple Lock allows you to enable or disable its lockscreen when required. Simply launch the app from the app drawer and select START/STOP to do so.

The ads that appear on the lockscreen in the free version of the app effectively destroy its purpose, which is to replace your native lockscreen with one that has more oomph. The only way to remove said ads is to download a few of the apps advertised in them.  Each download earns you a bunch of points. Get to a hundred and you can remove the ads from the app’s settings menu. Alternatively, you can purchase the ad-free paid version of the app.


Download Ripple Lock Free (Free)


Download Ripple Lock (Paid)

Update: The app is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

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