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Riversip For Android: Technology News Reader That Ranks Stories By Popularity

Google Currents may be among the very best RSS feed and news aggregator for Android, but if you are looking for an instant means to check out all the latest news from just the technology world, you might want to give Riversip Technology News a try. Initially available only to iOS users, Riversip Technology News has just been released to the Android Market. Based more or less on the concept of previously reviewed Currently Tech News, APPY Geek and Unfold Tech News, Riversip is dedicated to aggregating all the hottest technology news on your device. Be it top news from the past hour or the entire past week, the app aggregates and presents only the very best stories and in a compact manner. You may follow each story in detail by going through all the relevant topics and recent tweets related to the news. That’s not all; the app even has a dedicated segment that lists news from user-defined topics only. Based on its popularity among users, each story carries a rank that varies from 0 to 10. The app allows you to share each story on Facebook/Twitter, add it to favorites, or read it within the browser.

When launched for the first time, the app helps you get a grip of its various controls and features through a couple of tutorial screens.


Using the My News and Top News tabs at the bottom of the app’s homescreen, you can easily switch between the news collected from your preferred topics and all trending ones respectively.

To beef up the topics segment with content of your choice, tap Topics, search for a required technology term, and instantly add it to the My Topics list. Tap Menu while reading a news item to share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Above each story, you’ll find its source, rank among readers, and time of publishing. While reading an article, various controls let you get More Coverage of the story, read it in the browser and/or jump to the other Related Topics. Tapping the left/right keys at the bottom helps you easily switch to other stories from the lineup.


Watch the demo video provided below to see Riversip Technology News in action.

Download Riversip Technology News for Android


  1. I’m Itamar from the Riversip team – thank you for the great review!

    On my part, I just wanted to add that our chief goal with Riversip is to give users a way to catch up with the most important tech news in 5 minutes – no matter their reading pace and how busy they are.
    Everything we do and that you describe above so nicely – prioritizing, layering your social network over the news (not covered above), topics, etc – is all done to this end.

    We hope people enjoy it – and we’re always open for suggestions and feedback! Hit us up on Twitter (@riversip:disqus) or with the feedback form on our site (http://www.riversip.com) if you’d like to chat 🙂

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