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Root HTC EVO 4G, Wildfire, Aria, Desire and Droid Incredible with unrevoked 3.3



The latest 3.3 version of the popular unrevoked rooting tool for HTC Android devices has just been released today, bringing much-needed and long-awaited support for latest versions of HBOOTs and official OTA updated ROMs. If you own an HTC EVO 4G, Wildfire, Aria, Desire or Droid Incredible, read on for details and rooting instructions.

We have featured unrevoked before on multiple occasions and it has been our favorite tool for rooting our Android devices. The latest version released today adds support for the HBOOT and official ROM updates issued after the last release of unrevoked so many of you who updated their phones and weren’t able to use unrevoked to root them can now use the tool without any issue. While the tool still supports HTC Hero, this update doesn’t apply to it.

This update – which basically applies to the unrevoked recovery method – brings ClockworkMod recovery with it for the HTC EVO 4G. While this version of ClockworkMod recovery might be implemented in the tool for the other supported phones as well, we are not sure of it yet and have confirmed it only for the EVO 4G. This latest ClockworkMod recovery uses the latest EVO 4G kernel and allows you to backup your WiMAX keys using nandroid backup as well. Furthermore, it encodes the serial number of your phone in the WiMAX key backup taken. This is to make sure that a WiMAX key backup can be restored only to the device it was taken on, preventing the chance of abuse of one’s WiMAX data plan if the backup is leaked to someone else.

To root your device, just head over to the unrevoked website, choose your phone and follow the instructions – it really is that simple.


Several users have been experiencing issues with this update and we found a solution on XDA-Developers forums shared by member pandafloski that we are going to share with you.

  • Even if you already have USB Debugging mode on, toggle it on and off a few times.
  • Make sure you uninstall ATK and HTC Sync before running unrevoked.
  • Turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off
  • Disable installation of non-Market applications by going to Settings > Applications.
  • Make sure to set ‘Charge’ as the default connection type when connecting your phone to the computer via USB.

When you attempt to root after taking care of these few things, phone may automatically reboot after first opening ClockworkMod recovery but don’t worry as this won’t happen when you open recovery again.


  1. I have tried twise on my wildfire..
    Error : failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?
    android version : 2.2.1
    kernel :

  2. device “marvel” is not supported at this time
    recovery image: clockworkMod Recovery

    thats what is coming up for me. (not working)

  3. I’m not sure what is happing with my aria. It has the latest build and ota from att that allows side loading. The Linux version and the Windows version give the same error that everyone else gets. Is your firmware too new. It also leaves a non working program EVO zysploit. I have an Aria from att that they pushed a sideloading ota out to me. The real reason I want root is to eliminate some crapware. Ive been through a factory reset and really dont want to do that again. Maybe I need to uninstall sideloaded apps but I have the paid angry birds from Amazon.

    Im thinking a hardware solution might work as Unrevoked may not update such an old phone but its a nice phone for what it is except my inability to root it.

  4. Ok well I’ve been through the unrevoked method over 5 times now and it doesn’t work for my Droid incredible. Is there any way that actually works??? I want to use the wireless tetherer.

  5. I have a big problem.
    My Phone is Htc Desire
    I lunch Unrevoked3. After the reboot of Htc I have a menu with :
    with title: HBoot USB PLUS
    and options:
    Clear Storage
    What should I choose?

    • I don’t think anything will root the latest builds on an aria unless you go back to 2.1. Bummer. I bet Unrevoked doesn’t have the NAND lock broke on that yet. Nothing works. not even Z4 root.

  6. Just try running it a second time… I ran it the second time and instead of the error it said “this one was a triumph” haha

  7. HTC aria with side loading enabled by att 2.2.2 goes through all the motions and does not error out but quits working as soon as you unplug cord. It doesnt load anything onto device but works just like the instrctios but no root. What am I doing wrong ?

  8. (Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?

    Recovery image: ClockworkMod Recovery)

    this is what my system is saying, I have reset the phone to its factory settings already, this still is not working. Any suggestions? Need help please!!!!!!!

  9. I have successfully rooted my HTC Desire with this process and i am not flashing custom roms. but i have a wildfire now and i cant root it through the same process?? and no explanations anywhere on the internet on how to solve this problem.

    • I have a htc desire c.if anyone can help me, add me on messenger yahoo iosif_al,and tell me there how…thanks!

    • Hi Dom:

      I have a Desire that I root using z4root. It works great and
      I can unapply root if need be. My only complaint is that it takes up about 23mb
      of internal space. Can you tell me how much rom uinrevoked  is using?

  10. error failed to root is your firmware too new
    plz help i am using HTC wildfire itx an awsum cell bt um unable to root can ny 1 plz help i have android 2.1

  11. is noone answering these comments? i get the error is your firmware too new???? i have 2.2.2 thats what it was supposed to be, why dont this work?

  12. Unrevoked did not work on my HTC Incredible.
    Device manager can’t find Zip file.
    I down loaded zip in download folder, opened file copy directory, paste it on device manager.
    DM can’t find the software for the device.?????

  13. I have tried twise on my wildfire..
    Error : failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?
    android version : 2.2.1
    kernel :

  14. I own a HTC Wildfire since a couples of weeks and I’m pretty new on this of rooting phones but I do want to try rooting my device. My questions are: 1) My HTC Wildfire still has the default Android 2.1 Eclair installed. Rooting it will allow me to install Android 2.2? 2) When the HTC company release the Android 2.2 for this device if I have the phone rooted, I still will be able to update to the default Android 2.2 when it finally comes? 3) Rooting my device will allow me to uninstall some applications the phone has by default such as Plurk or Stocks I really don’t use at all? Thanks a lot!

  15. I own a HTC Wildfire since a couples of weeks and I’m pretty new on this of rooting phones but I do want to try rooting my device. My questions are: 1) My HTC Wildfire still has the default Android 2.1 Eclair installed. Rooting it will allow

  16. When I use it for htc wildfire.
    I get ” Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new? ”
    Software info:
    Android : 2.2.1
    Software number 2.24.709.1

    • I am having the same problem with my htc aria. After running through the entire process, up to “running root” then fails complaining of too new firmware. I am running 2.2, and I am rooting off Ubuntu. While I had windows, I attempted to Install Bootloaders, but failed part way through. Also, while It is rebooting, It states that it can’t find an image, then boots into a normal htc manner before it complains. Any help would be appreciated, as I saved my apps to my computer, then wiped my device, and I wont be able to get them back on without the sideloader or with root.

  17. I went to the Unrevoked web site, downloaded and ran the software, but the instructions are not clear. There ARE no instructions that make sense on the web site. I’m going to keep reading elsewhere on the web before starting this.

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