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Rooting HTC Incredible S Possible Now [Requires S-Off Handsets]

HTC-Incredible-S-rootHTC Incredible S is one of HTC’s newest devices out there in the market. Considering a huge HTC fan following, the phone is now in the hands of lots of users eagerly waiting for the device to be rooted so that it’s true potential can be unlocked. However, while the root has been confirmed to be successfully achieved, it’s not hopeful for many Incredible S users. Read on to root your Incredible S and cross your fingers and hope you’re one of the few lucky ones!

As said before, the root has been made possible thanks to YuHong of GoAPK, but here’s the catch, your device needs to have S-off. While the method to gain S-Off has not yet been devised there are some devices out there that come with S-Off, but then again, most don’t. So if you’re one of the few lucky one’s your Incredible S is good to be rooted.

The root is done via a custom modded recovery that needs to be flashed to the phone, and once that is done, you can install the custom rooted ROM which is based on the official 1.38 firmware. Now normally we would’ve included the step by step instructions on exactly how to achieve root on your device but the guides are in Chinese. While Google Translate did the trick for us, we cannot take the risk on the instructions before fully knowing and verifying the exact steps involved. May we add that the ROM does have an English patch for it, in case you got worried.

However, if you’re adventurous and trust Google Translate, you can read the instructions and download the ROM and Recovery from the following links:

For updates and queries visit the forum thread at Goapk.


  1. Promotion: [An] An Chi Chi market market 2.0 full version! Human modification! User experience optimization
    First, you must first determine whether your machine is the S-OFF. Off, volume + power button to enter the next hboot interface. See the first line.
    If it appears as S-OFF, please read on.
    If the S-ON, then it is sorry, now you can not brush my machine also issued recovery.
    English ROM: http://bbs.goapk.com/thread-1647251-1-1.html
    Chinese version ROM: http://bbs.goapk.com/thread-1647269-1-1.html

    Recovery installation method (which has a good brush, then you can skip this section):
    1, make sure your machine is S-OFF.
    2, make sure your memory card is FAT32.
    3 attachments to be downloaded to the SD card root directory, and renamed PG32IMG.zip (case sensitive).
    4, the card into the phone, the phone off.
    5, hold down the power button to turn the volume under +.
    6, wait for the prompt is updated Recovery, press the volume keys on the OK to start the refresh.
    7, the installation prompt press the power button to restart.
    8, hold down the volume level and press the power button to restart.
    Here, recovery has been a good brush. Into the system, delete or rename the PG32IMG.zip.
    Then we try to enter the recovery has been good in the brush.
    9, reboot again into hboot interface, and then press the volume, select Recovery, press the power button to enter the Recovery mode.
    10, OK, you can see, Recovery brush ready!

    In the recovery of the function of each button:

    Volume keys to control the selection up and down
    The power button in order to determine
    Volume under + the power button, restart the phone
    Volume on the + power key, String show off recovery interface

    Now brush the recovery has been good. We then brush ROM.

    1, will be a good ROM to download the memory card
    ROM Download: http://bbs.goapk.com/thread-1647118-1-1.html
    2, into the brush in a good recovery

    3, select Wipe DATA / Factory reset (Chinese: Empty DATA restore factory settings), then select delete all user data (Chinese: Delete all user data)

    4, select Install zip from SDCARD (Chinese version: choose to upgrade packages from the SD card), then select choose zip from sdcard (Chinese version: choose to upgrade from SD card package)

    5, check your memory card into the ROM package (this is IS_GoAPK.1.38.CHS.110330.zip), then select Install IS_GoAPK.1.38.CHS.110330.zip (Chinese version: Installation IS_GoAPK.1.38.CHS. 110330.zip)

    6, wait for the brush machine is complete, select Reboot system now (Chinese: Restart the phone)

    OK, at this point, ROM has a good brush!
    Now wait just a phone into the system can be.
    Then begin to enjoy a good ROM brush it!

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