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Root Tools: Run All XAP Files On WP7 Without Full Unlock [Homebrew]

If you own a Windows Phone 7 device and are interested in getting the most out of it, then surely you know about the three root access levels in WP7, namely developer unlock, interop unlock and full unlock (which is accessible only via custom Mango ROMs). You can run a lot of XAP files if you have a device with interop unlock, but some of the most juiciest homebrews could only be used on custom ROMs. Until now that is! WP7 Root Tools have been released, and the homebrew brings full root access to devices which only have interop unlock so far. Previously it was possible to flash any XAP file to an interop unlocked device, but if it was intended for custom ROMs, the app did not do anything. With Root Tools, this is no longer the case, as you just have to install the homebrew to get all homebrews running.

WP7 Root Tools WP7 Root Tool Home WP7 Root Policies

For now, WP7 Root Tools are only in their beta testing phase, and a few sections (like certificates and tweaks) are currently unpopulated. In the registry section of the app, you will find a list of all the directories and subdirectories on your device, much like any other registry explorer. You can navigate through them and even add new keys and values. In the policies section of the app you can manage the currently installed homebrews and mark them as trusted or otherwise.

The homebrew is not universal as yet, and work with only HTC, Samsung and LG devices. This is a limitation we hope will soon be removed, just like the emptiness of the tweaks section. If you have an interop unlocked device, and you aren’t a fan of custom ROMs, Root Tools is a must-have. To summarize everything, you can think of this XAP as a tool that has upgraded everyone’s unlock status one step. If you had just interop unlock until now, you will be able to use your Windows Phone juts like a full unlocked device with a custom ROM on it. Some people stay away from WP7 custom ROMs as they affect the device’s stability, and this makes WP7 Root Tools all the more important as they allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can grab it for free at the download link below, and for further details there is the source link.

Download WP7 Root Tools

[via Heathcliff74]

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