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Run Android Apps Without SD Card By Mounting Cache Partition

Cannot access your SD card on your Android device? Damaged it? No we’re not here to fix it. This guide is intended to help you run apps that require a working SD card. So if you have an Android device with a damaged SD card, throw it in to implement this guide on and let it live! The idea is to mount the phone’s /cache partition as an /sdcard partition. To be able to implement this guide, a basic beforehand knowledge of ADB and Linux commands is helpful, but not entirely necessary. Read on for the instructions!

So let’s get on with some good old commands!



  1. To begin, plug your phone into the PC and make sure, USB Debugging option is checked. To do that navigate to Settings > Application > Development.
  2. Now open Command prompt or terminal on your computer, and enter the following command:
    adb devices
  3. If you see your device listed, enter this command:
    adb remount
  4. You should see a string saying “remount succeeded”. Once that’s done, time to run Terminal Emulator on your phone. Enter these commands in the terminal hitting enter after each command:
umount /sdcard

mount -o rw,remount /

umount /sdcard

ln -s cache /sdcard

That’s it! All done. Run the app or widget that requires an access to the SD card; it should work now. Please note that once you reboot, the process needs to repeated again, and is only temporary. Few apps like, ROM Manager or the Camera wont work with this trick however.



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