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Run Ubuntu On Android Devices With Ubuntu Installer

Ubuntu InstallerUbuntu lands on Android! If you haven’t been living under a rock, Linux being ported onto various Android devices is not entirely a new concept, and to be honest, has not been the easiest to install, let alone port onto the devices. Ubuntu Installer Complete Linux Installer (renamed by developer) tends to change all that and brings to you an easy to use installer app for Ubuntu bringing you the choice of two Ubuntu images (Small and Large). The large image comes with a few software installed as well, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice etc.

So what does this app have to offer?

  • Run Ubuntu within Android.
  • Access to both Android & Ubuntu at same time.
  • Highly optimized for ARM devices.
  • LXDE Desktop (very lightweight).
  • Ubuntu update manager, Software center fully operational.
  • File system access: Ability to access files on your SD card and internal memory from Ubuntu.
  • Set resolution: Ability to set screen size on boot (you no longer have to download a certain image for different screen sizes!).
  • Choose Ubuntu Installation type: ‘large’ and ‘lightweight’.


Ubuntu Installer Ubuntu Installer -1

Proceeding from here is pretty straight forward, simply download the Boot Script and the Ubuntu Image of your choice and follow the instructions as they come. However, before trying to Ubuntu Installerinstall Ubuntu on your device, be sure to check your device’s compatibility from here.

Download Complete Linux Installer

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