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Run Ubuntu On Asus Eee Pad Transformer Natively

Asus-Transformer-UbuntuIf you’re an Android geek, there is a chance that you have come across quite a few instances of Linux Ubuntu being ported to a handful of Android devices across the board. This time around, it is the Asus Transformer that has received a complete port of Ubuntu thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Jhinta. Earlier we covered a port of the Linux Debian for the Motorola XOOM Honeycomb tablet and that too ran natively as like this one by Jhinta.

While ports like these are not impossible to come up with, it is not the easiest task, in fact it is very time consuming considering the compatibly issues that have to be countered. Nonetheless, the developer has been working on this port for a while now and it all seems to be falling in place with the port looking like the real deal as run on a PC. One of the major breakthroughs with this port is that Wi-Fi has been made functional on the Transformer around a day back, so we can expect all other bugs and glitches to be ironed out soon enough as well.

Of course, installing this on your Transformer and wrapping your head around the procedure does require a certain backhand knowledge about Linux and how it operates. Here is a brief changelog of the port as it is so far, by the developer:

  • Framebuffer console for output – FIXED.
  • Get correct mountpoints – FIXED thanks to lilstevie.
  • Fixed famebuffer thanks to Chromium.
  • Setup new rootfs with correct settings for tf101 – Building (upgraded to natty).
  • Touch screen working.
  • Multitouch touchpad — Needs some fixing.
  • Wi-Fi is working.
  • Get ADB working – should be easy to fix.

As mentioned earlier, the developer assumes that anyone trying to install this port on the Transformer is already familiar with Linux commands, since you would need to perform a few tasks on a Linux PC to get this port up and running on the Transformer.

For installation instructions, updates and any queries related to this Ubuntu port, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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