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s-peek Offers Business-Oriented Reports, Graphs & Statistics [Android]

Whether you’re an investor, tycoon or someone interested in getting a financial overview of various globally acclaimed businesses, chances are that you might have to sift through a plethora of news sources on daily basis to get your dose of the latest happening from the world of finance. Well, if you own an Android device, then you might be quite pleased to learn about the release of s-peek, a highly informative and neatly designed Android app that brings the latest reports, statistical analyses (with comparison charts and graphs), trending info, credit limit rating, user opinions and comprehensive up-to-date data pertaining to some of the leading European companies of the world. Using the app, you can browse the list of featured companies, or manually search for your required firm, and explore all the data relevant to each through a rich intuitive interface.


Although the app’s content is there for anyone and everyone to explore, only registered users can enjoy the facility of getting into the social side of things in order to share their opinions regarding the company in question. For this, you can avail the in-app registration facility of s-peek to get yourself a free account.

The app opens to the Reports tab that lets you pick one of the featured companies for which you wish to get all the financial information. Alongside each company, you can view the relevant market ratings and a color-coded ring that depicts the current status of the company. This helps you easily determine whether it would be safe to invest in that particular stock, or whether you should revise your investment plans. To learn about the interpretation of each ring in detail, tap the Info tab on the app’s homescreen. To filter your search criteria, the app lets you look for a company by name, city or country.


Tapping a company name from the list reveals all the core information about its location/contact, rating, trends and sector data via separate tabs. As mentioned earlier, all data is supplemented by relevant statistics, comparison graphs and charts wherever required.

While the Company tab shows the company’s main information (contact and status), the Rating tab reveals a 3-year detailed analysis of the company’s credit rating, complete with income statements, balance sheets et al.


Tapping the Trend tab displays a 3-year comparison chart of the company’s total assets and shareholders funds. Finally, the Sector tab itself is further split into four different line graphs, namely Solvency, Liquidity, Profitability and More Rating. Each graph portrays a 3-year rating comparison of the sector as well as company data with respect to the relevant years. Tapping the company name at the top lets you check all the ratings and comments that the company has got from other app users.


Although the app offers most of its features and underlying information in an uncluttered and user-friendly manner, the lack of support for companies from non-European countries means that it won’t be getting too much attention from global audience unless, of course, it extends its support beyond said region.

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