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Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Root Achieved

So you got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 that everyone has been talking about, but have been wondering if you’ll be able to enjoy root access on your phone?  We’ve got great news for you! Full root access has been achieved on Samsung’s latest and greatest Android device, and

Renowned developer Leshak from Samdroid Forums has achieved complete root access for the device.  We will soon will be releasing the step by step instructions for you on how to do it for your device.  With this root method, now users can have full root access from adb and also Super User (SU) terminal access.

Here are the screen shots of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 after root:

i9000root i9000root2

Initially this root has been released for developers only but if you want to try this hands on, you can follow the instructions here.  However, in our opinion, you should wait for the complete details and a stable root process to emerge so that chances of bricking your phone are minimized, as this method isn’t exactly suitable for absolute beginners.

This root access means a lot for the flagship Galaxy S series device. We can now also foresee Android 2.2 Froyo custom ROMs getting ported on the device soon, and considering the user interest in this phone, ROM development has potential to go huge. We will be keeping an eye on XDA-Developers forums and will keep on bringing you interesting ROMs that we come across, now that we should expect those to start rolling out anytime.

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