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Save Battery Power Of Your Android Phone With Super Power

There are number of paid apps available in Android Market for controlling different system aspects of your device, i.e. cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CPU speed, different bands (2G/3G) and more. Super Power, on the other hand, is a completely free app currently in beta phase which gives user full control over different phone components and features,  including connections, downloads, tethering and more.

The UI of this app is very simple, with a number of options listed on the main screen. Data connection can be scheduled to be available on certain times (screenshot 1), CPU speed can be manipulated via the root features (screenshot 2), and Permissions can be set for each app by navigating to the application specific options (screenshot 3).


Low Battery threshold can be set which will disable data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (screenshot 4). Screen state can be configured in terms of data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CPU speed and bands (screenshot 5). Status bar notifications about the current state is another added feature in this app.  Handy shortcuts are also available for disabling/enabling low battery override and switching to 2G and 3G from the home screen.


superpowerqrSuper Power attempts to save battery by controlling various components and features of your rooted Android device. According to the developer, it is currently in beta experimental phase so expect it to be a little buggy.

Install Super Power from AppBrain or scan the QR code.

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