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123Clip For Android Lets You Save Parts Of A Web Page For Offline Viewing

As we browse the internet, we often come across information on certain web pages that we want to save for later reference. While there are tools out there like Instapaper, Read It Later and Readability that allow you to do this, they essentially save the entire page for the purpose, and not all of them have Android apps available. What if you only want to capture a certain part of a web page for later reference rather than a full web page, and that too on your Android device? We’ve got just the right app for you! 123Clip is a free, handy tool for Android that allows you to select or “clip” portions of a web page and save them to your SD card for offline viewing. Clips can include any number of images and/or blocks of text selected by the user or even the entire web page. Unlike in regular saved web pages, the HTML blocks in these clips are arranged in a one-column, inline format more suitable for mobile viewing – particularly useful when it comes to web pages that don’t have mobile variants.


The interface is pretty decent and is basically a web browser pane with the required tools for capturing all organized together in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Using 123Clip couldn’t be easier. To create a clip, browse to a website of your choice from within the Browser tab, select Clip from the options below and begin selecting blocks that you want to save. Tap OK when you’re done, or select View to start over.

Tapping OK displays a preview of the clip that allows you to further manipulate it. You can Delete unwanted portions or Append more from the same web page and Save your results. The Clear button can be used to start over in case you select the wrong block(s). You can also delete a clip from here that you no longer need.

There is also support for groups to keep things organized. Clips can be saved in user-defined groups and viewed later from within the List tab. This is especially handy when you are researching on something in particular and want to keep all your clippings about it together. This makes it similar to a collection of organized bookmarks, except that they are partial clippings from web pages and can be viewed without an active internet connection.

123Clip can be installed for free from Android Market via the link provided below.

Download 123Clip


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