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SaveGram For Android: Batch-Download Photos From Any Public Instagram Profile

If the reputation of the popular photo-editing and sharing sensation, Instagram, was impressive among iOS users, the debut of its Android client in the Google Play Store has been nothing less than a fairy tale. First, the app almost instantly shot up to the number one spot among Android apps from the social genre, then the service itself got acquired by the social network giant, Facebook, at a staggering price of $1 billion. The official Android (or even iOS) client of Instagram is good at letting you apply retro filters on your photos and share them on the network, but what if you wished to download your entire Instagram photo collection to your newly bought Samsung Galaxy Note? What if you were to add to your local image library all the gorgeous snaps that your Instagram followers have uploaded on the network publicly? New to the Google Play Store, SaveGram is an Android app that lets you access, explore and save the entire collection of photos that have been shared on Instagram by any user (including you and your followers).

While the purpose of effectively backing up your Instagram photos can be achieved through a number of different web services, and even desktop applications, SaveGram happens to be the first Android app in this regard that we’ve come across. What better than accessing and downloading your favorite Instagram photos directly on your mobile device, than transferring them from your computer?

SaveGram-Android-Search SaveGram-Android-Grid

Once you authorize the app to access your personal Instagram account, you’re ready to grab all the photos that have been publicly shared by Instagram users. All you need to do is search for the required Instagram user by their profile name, and the app will display all the photos shared on the network by them. The app does not support displaying images in full screen, so all you get is a photo grid that houses the thumbnails of all the photos shared by the selected user.

While exploring the image thumbnails, you can either select all the required images one by one, or simply tap the Download All button at the top to download the entire photo collection to your device’s local storage at once. Each photo downloaded from a particular user’s profile is saved on your SD card in a separate folder, whose name reflects the Instagram handle of the respective user. For instance, all the photos downloaded from the Instagram service are saved in the instagram folder on your SD card, whereas the images from a user named, say, Android, can be found in the folder called android.

SaveGram-Android-Downloading SaveGram-Android-Gallery

So, there you have it. A simple and convenient way to have your world of Instagram photos stored on your Android’s local storage. While the app, with its extremely handy and easy to use features, is likely to appeal to masses, it must be improved in terms of graphics so that it can stay ahead of the race, as and when it spices up.

Download SaveGram for Android

Update: The app is no longer available in the Google Play Store.


  1. now wtf are we supposed to use? not in google play store & doesn’t function on the phone anymore? any similar apps? havent found one yet.

  2. Save gram has been disappear in google play 🙁
    Anyone know where the link I can download it ?

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