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SBStickyNotes: Pin Notes To Your iPhone Springboard [Cydia Tweak]

If you happen to be a bit forgetful, you must find the use of sticky notes a pretty useful idea. As they prove to be such productive tools in real life, why not bring them to your iOS device as well. Windows 7 has a pretty neat implementation of the concept, and now you can do the same in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, with the freshly launched Cydia tweak, named SBStickyNotes. The tweak will let you customize and pin any note to your iPhone’s Springboard. The notes pinned to your Home screen can have any color of your choice, and the formatting options available are pretty nice as well.

SBStickyNotes SBStickyNotes Settings

After you have installed this free tweak from the Big Boss repo, it will add a new button to the stock Notes.app in your iDevice. All you have to do to create a pin-able note in your iPhone, is to go to the Notes app, and write whatever you want in a new note. After you are done, look at the bottom bar, and you will notice a new icon in that area, sitting right next to the Delete icon. This is the Pin button, and tapping it will take you straight to the Springboard, where you will see that the note has been pinned to the home screen. All pinned notes will have the same icon, and their name will be the same as the starting words in the note.

You can make changes to the sticky note’s interface by going to the Settings menu of your iDevice. In the Extensions tab, you will find a menu for the newly installed SBStickyNotes. Here, you can change the color of the note by adjusting tints, and there is also the option to tinker with the Animation Speed of these notes. The tweak can prove to be a really useful addition to your jailbroken iPhone if you are looking for a quick and easy way of creating reminders and to-do lists. Thanks to SBStickyNotes you will be able to see the starting part of your list with a single glance at your phone’s screen. If your list or memo is really short, you might not even have to open it at all! There are many apps for creating sticky notes in iOS, but this tweak pins the notes in a pretty unique way, and just for its interface, is definitely worth a try.

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