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SBUtility: All-in-one Cydia Tweak For Customizing iOS Home Screen, Icons, Folders & Lock Screen

In the past, we have covered a lot of Cydia tweaks (and apps) that allow users to make a number of cosmetic changes to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When it comes to tweaks, most of them focus on altering one or two aspects of iOS at a time. You will be hard-pressed to find a Cydia tweak that can be used for the customization of various iOS aspects, unless you are talking about something like WinterBoard. That’s what makes SBUtility stand out among the rest of the Cydia crowd. This tweak allows its users to change almost everything regarding the looks of their iOS device, all in one place. The tweak offers options to customize app icons, folders, Springboard, dock and lockscreen. We are not talking about one option for each of these categories, either; SBUtility offers detailed customization possibilities for all these areas of iOS. Head past the break to know more about this awesome tweak.

SBUtility Repo SBUtility Home Settings SBUtility Lockscreen Options

SBUtility is not available in any of the default Cydia repos, and you will have to add a new repo manually in order to get access to this tweak. To do that, go to the Manage tab in Cydia, and in the Sources section add the following repo.


Once you have successfully done that, search for SBUtility in the store, and install it to your device. After the device has gone through a respring, you will be sent a push notification directing you to the Settings app to make any desired changes. From the SBUtility menu in Settings, you can revamp your Springboard and other iOS areas completely. Here is a list of all the menus in SBUtility.

SBUtility Springboard SBUtility Lockscreen

  • Icons: This part of the tweak has options for disabling the uninstall button, make the icons stay still even when in jiggle mode and to remove icon badges or labels.
  • Dock: From here, you can decide the number of icons you want the dock to accommodate. It is also possible to hide the reflection of displayed icons.
  • Home: The options in this subsection of the tweak are vast in number, and include everything from paging dot customization to letting you decide the number of rows and columns to be displayed on each page.
  • Folders: This area of SBUtility can be used to allow the creation of nameless folders, and make changes to the way folders appear on the Springboard. The way icons are arranged within folders can also be altered from this menu.
  • Lockscreen: Make changes to the camera button, time/ date area and slider text.

Apart from all these options, SBUtility can also be used to disable the Notification Center permanently, and to get rid of notification badges. We haven’t seen such a thorough tweak in a long time, and there’s something even better about it; you can download SBUtility for free! This makes it a must-have if you are a fan of cosmetic customization on iOS.


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