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Scan & Preserve Memorable Photos In Cloud With ShoeBox For iPhone

Almost everyone has got that one precious album that has some really old pictures with quite a lot of sentimental value. Even if you keep such photos really carefully, there is no guarantee that mold won’t take a fancy to it and decide to eat through, say, the golden memories of your childhood. That’s where ShoeBox enters the scene. This iOS app has a refreshingly new concept and is focused on letting users scan the hard copies of their photos using the iPhone’s camera and saving them to their personal ShoeBox online, where they will be preserved indefinitely.

ShoeBox iOS FeaturedShoeBox iOS

If you are a privacy freak, then this app is certainly not for you as the ShoeBox team chooses a few photos to feature on their homepage, for all to view. However, you do get the option to make your pictures a little less public by choosing appropriate options from the album settings menu. You can watch the featured photos along with uploader comments without signing up for an account. But to create a ShoeBox of your own photos, you will need a new account. Signing up is easy and just needs you to use an email address along with a new password.

ShoeBox iOS Upload  ShoeBox iOS Image Crop

With an account, you are ready to add photos to your ShoeBox. The basic option is to scan a real photo and save it to the app but it is also possible for you to choose a photo saved to the stock Pictures app. No matter how you choose a photo, the editing and preservation steps are the same. You can crop, align or rotate the photo before sending it to the cloud. You can add tags to your photos as well and list all your contacts categorically in the Family & Friends section for easy sharing of photos. The app also has the option to import your Facebook and Twitter contacts to the app.

The app is a free download in the App Store. The app might not offer much in terms of features and options, but its certainly worth a shot just for its concept.

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 Update: With the latest update of the ShoeBox app, users can now invite others to view their albums, even if the person is not among the listed family members or collaborators. This means that your precious data will not be stuck in the app forever, and you can share it with anyone quite easily.

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