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Scan QR/ Barcodes & Get Product Details With All Code Reader [iPhone]

QR code and barcode scanners are more widely used in Android, but iOS too has its fair share of such apps that let users get details associated with products by scanning their item codes. All Code Reader is an iPhone app which will make sure that you don’t need any other code reader once you have gotten your hands on it. The app is as comprehensive as any its genre, as it will let you scan both QR and barcodes, and then display information about the scanned product from a variety of sources. Read on to know all bout this extremely useful app for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

All Code Reader Scanner All Code Reader History

All Code Reader comes with some pretty neat features, and one of them is the LED scan association. Whenever a scan is made, and the LED on the back of your iDevice is enabled, it will turn on and scan the code giving it a better overall effect. The app maintains a record of all the scans you ever make with the app’s camera, and you can refer to that information at any later time. The app’s scanner is pretty efficient and accurate, and detects codes in the blink of an eye.

All Code Reader UPC All Code Reader Web Results All Code Reader Settings

Each scanned code with All Code Reader yields a set of detailed results. The results include the search of the product on Google accompanied by all the resulting links as while the entry from the UPC database of the app, which corresponds with the item is also shown. Even more detailed results are provided for QR codes, which include the source and many other relevant data items. The best feature of All Code Reader is its ability to let users scan codes from saved images, and it is also possible to manually enter a barcode’s numerical part if you don’t have its image.

All Code Reader is available for free for a limited time, and you can grab it at the following link. Many users might not really understand the app’s full usefulness, but actually All Code Reader is quite different from other QR code scanners. The app saves you from a lot of trouble, as the next step of most people after running a scan over any product is to perform a Google search for the discovered item. The app is also highly customizable, making it the perfect companion for shopping.

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