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Schedule Android Data Backup To Cloud With inDefend Mobile Backup

Data backup & restore solutions are present in the Google Play Store in large numbers, but how many of them actually support encrypting, scheduling and uploading backups of your personal Android content to the cloud? Developed by Dataresolve Technologies, inDefend Mobile Backup is an Android app that serves said purpose in fine style. Using inDefend Mobile Backup, you have the choice to select whatever personal Android content you wish to backup to the cloud. This may include your text messages, call logs, calendar events, contacts, browsing history and/or your personalized system settings. inDefend Mobile Backup comes with the capability to store as many as 10 different uploaded backup instances per each individual account, so that you can always decide the exact package that you wish to restore from cloud upon requirement.

That’s not all; the app also supports resorting just the required content from the entire backup package, and allows you to specify a scheduled time at which backup tasks should be performed automatically. At each successful backup, the app will notify you via an email. Details, screenshots and download links to follow.

More than any other facet, it’s the app’s capability of storing all backup content in encrypted form on the cloud that makes it all the more special. Another useful feature of inDefend Mobile Backup is the speed and effectiveness with which it performs the backup and restore operations. All content is stored, and can be retrieved, under various categories, so you can conveniently pluck the required data with ease.

inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Login inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Home

Quite obviously, you’ll require to sign up with the service to get yourself a new account that would allow you to access the inDefend Mobile Backup features and cloud content. Registered users can log in to the app using their valid inDefend IDs, whereas new users can grab a fresh account for themselves from within the app for free.

Once logged in, you can select exactly what content you wish to backup. Using the checkboxes provided on the app’s homescreen, select all the desired content, hit the GO button at the bottom, provide a custom name for the backup package, and to start uploading the selected data. The app keeps you apprised of the total upload progress via status bar notifications.

inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Progress inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Restore

Tapping the Backups tab on the app’s homescreen lets you view all your backup instances/packages in a chronological order. To restore content from within the backup package, tap the required backup file, and select whatever you wish to restore. Needless to say, the restoration process is exactly the reversal of the backup mechanism, where all the requested data is first decrypted, downloaded and restored under the corresponding categories.

Now to the best part of the entire deal: the scheduling of backups. Tapping the Settings tab on the app’s homescreen lets you enable/disable the scheduling feature. From the same screen, you can decide the desired backup frequency in terms of time (days, weeks, or months). The last option on this screen lets you enable/disable the option of receiving backup notifications via emails.

inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Settings inDefend-Mobile-Backup-Android-Calendar

All in all, inDefend Mobile Backup has to be cited as a welcome addition, as it lets you backup your personal content with just a few taps. Just upload your personal Android content using the app, flash a new ROM or perform a factory reset your device, and once done, restore all the data from the cloud in a matter of just a few seconds. No need to move backup data back and forth your device and the computer, resorting to multiple apps, or fearing the loss of backup data from your device’s storage. Instead, it’s all very secure, very fast and totally remote with inDefend Mobile Backup. The support for uploading app backups, if added to the mix, would do the app’s reputation a world of good.

Download inDefend Mobile Backup for Android

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