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Schedule Display Brightness And Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth Toggling On Android

There aren’t a lot of applications on the Market that provide you with comprehensive aid in conserving the battery life of your Android device. JuiceDefender, which has been around for quite a while now, is probably the best application of said kind, with more features and customizability than any other similar app on the Market. However, not all said features are available in the free version. Moreover, for certain novice users, the high level of customizability may sometimes become a tad confusing.

A recent addition to the Android Market, Power Scheduler is a simple-to-use alternative to the aforementioned app. In addition to having a minimalistic interface that is extremely easy to understand and get used to, the application sports a few extra features that JuiceDefender doesn’t. That is, apart from allowing users to set schedules for the level of screen brightness and switching Wi-Fi/network data on or off, the application allows the same for Bluetooth and Airplane Mode.

True, there probably aren’t a lot of smartphone users who’d find the need to toggle Bluetooth and Airplane Mode frequently enough to want their device to automate the process for them. But if you’re one to prefer absolute ease, then this app is a must-have for you. The app is extremely minimalistic in design, which goes well with its purpose. Everything the app has to offer is displayed on the main screen. From here, you can set separate schedules for and manually toggle/adjust each of the mentioned features.


You may separately set the Turn ON and Turn OFF events of each schedule to repeat on selective days of the week.  A useful option if, say, you wanted your network data service to be enabled at 9:00 AM each day of the week and disabled at 2:00 PM only on Thursdays to avoid being disturbed by constant web notifications during a weekly event/meeting at college or work.


And as of this writing, the application allows users to set up to four schedules for each feature. These schedules can then be toggled from the corresponding schedule screen.


Note that, unlike JuiceDefender, Power Scheduler contains advertisements and has no paid alternative without ads. While this might be a deal breaker for some, it is, in my opinion, a small price to pay for the ease of use that the app provides. Moreover, the app isn’t the sort that needs to be access on a regular basis. Once the schedule is set, you might not need to launch it ever again.

Download Power Scheduler

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  1. This App Did not do what it said on the tin…instead it made my Milestone less useful that a tin of tuna….Highly Recommend to !!!AVOID!!! this App.

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