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Schedule Planner: Create Tasks & Integrate Them With iOS/Google Calendar

If you have an iPhone 4S, then Siri provides you with the quickest and most convenient way of creating reminders quickly and with ease. For users who don’t have access to iPhone’s awesome personal assistant, there are many third-party apps that serve the purpose pretty efficiently, and even the stock Reminders app is not too bad. However, very few third-party apps come with the option to allow users to integrate their tasks, reminders and to-do lists with their iOS calendar, and what if you like Google Calendar better? Well, as they say, there is an app for that. Schedule Planner Pro might appear to be similar to many other reminder apps, but it holds the advantage over them owing to the fact that you can sync all your Schedule Planner reminders with both Google and iOS calendars! Update: Schedule Planner is now available on Android as well. The download link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the end of the post.

Schedule Planner Pro List Schedule Planner Pro Task

The app has a pretty neat interface, and is easy to use as well. The main Tasks are divided into two sections, Planned and Actual. You may think of these subcategories as confirmed and unconfirmed tasks. To add to either of the categories, hit the Add button and you will be taken to the New Task screen. Here, you can choose any category for the task (several of them are defined already) and assign it a name. Once that has been done, specify a duration and time period for the task, and you can add an alarm and text description as well. It is possible to keep adding tasks without having to go to the main screen. From the home page of Schedule Planner, you can use the sync option to send the reminders to your iOS or Google accounts.

Schedule Planner Pro Chart Schedule Planner Pro Calendar

Schedule Planner can be used to analyze your habits and the way you spend your time. In the Chart menu, it is possible to see a graphical representation of the categories and nature of the reminders you have created using the app. The Statistics area serves the same purpose, and you can even export these stats via email or to any of your accounts which include calendars. Speaking of calendars, Schedule Planner is a pretty decent app even if you don’t want to sync content with other calendars. It incorporates a calendar of its own, and saves all your tasks to it, complete with color coding.

Schedule Planner comes in two versions, Pro and free, but for a limited time only, you can grab both of them for free by heading to the Pro version’s link below.

Download Schedule Planner Pro  for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Download Schedule Planner for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Update: Schedule Planner is now available on Android as well. You can grab it for free from the link provided below.

Download Schedule Planner for Android

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