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School Schedule Is A Lesson Management App For Students [Android]

There are certain things that could hurt your repute as a good student, like forgetting to turn your device to silent during lectures or not being able to reach classes in time. Say hello to School Schedule – a free Android app that serves the simple purpose of managing lectures and  toggles your device’s sound profiles automatically as you go in and out of classes. The app lets you manage your school timetable for the entire week and allows you to set it to mute/unmute your device during lecture timings.

Although the Android Market is brimming with apps for all types of students, this one’s for latecomers in particular. If you’re having trouble making it to your lecture room in time or if you can’t recall what room you must be heading for your next lecture, then you must give School Schedule a good try. Using the app is fairly simple. All you need to do is launch the app, select a weekday by swiping left/right on the screen and add your daily lectures for each day by tapping on the Add lesson button at the bottom of the screen. On the Add lesson screen, feed in all the relevant details such as lesson subject, teacher’s name, classroom info (room number), lecture timings and tap Save. You may add as many lectures for a single day as required. The app displays all your lectures for the day sorted by time along with all the details that you’ve provided.

School Schedule provides you with an option of automatically putting your device into silent mode (with/without vibration) before the specified time for a lecture and unmutes it as soon as the lecture ends. In addition, there is also an option to specify lesson start/end offset time so that you allow your device that extra minute or two to mute/unmute before/after the lecture. To tweak app’s settings, just tap the Menu button on your device.

Once done with the configuration, you can easily keep a good check on all your daily lectures for the entire week by swiping on your screen. Want to edit lecture details? Just long press on a lecture and tap Edit lesson. Unwanted lectures can be easily deleted in the same way. If you opt to keep the app running in the background, you can always check out status bar notifications for your ongoing/upcoming lectures along with their timings.

Download School Schedule for Android


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