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ScoreMobile FC For WP7: A Must-Have App For Soccer Fans

If you know what El Classico means, if hearing names like Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney gets you excited, then surely you are a fan of the beautiful game called soccer (or football, if you aren’t from the US). Every soccer fan using a Windows Phone 7 device is sure to have scoured the Marketplace for apps related to the sport. There are quite a lot of soccer apps in WP7 (ESPN Goals being one example), but it’s always nice to see something new making its way to the genre. ScoreMobile FC is a brand new app which brings to your phone just about everything related to soccer. You can see news, scores, results and even live text commentary for soccer leagues around the world.

ScoreMobileFC WP7 Leagues ScoreMobileFC WP7 Match

Before you launch the app, make sure that you have an active data or Wi-Fi connection, as otherwise, the app won’t run. When you have it started, it’s better if you choose your favorite leagues and teams so that the app is customized according to your likings. The start-up page will display news and scores related to your favorite teams under the My Matches tab. You can edit your selection of favorited teams from the editing section later. The same goes for My Competitions. Before a match, the betting odds for any game can be viewed by going to its dedicated page under the relevant league.

ScoreMobileFC WP7 ScoreMobileFC WP7 Standings

The All Leagues page lists all the major domestic and international competition zones. The bottom bar here lets you see the current Standings, News, Stats and other data relevant to the league. My favorite menu in the whole app is Top Matches. Here, ScoreMobile FC displays the biggest matches that are going to be played in the near future, along with their odds and timings.

ScoreMobileFC WP7 Commentary ScoreMobileFC WP7 Videos

When a match is going on, you can use the app to get live updates; it will even let you view minute-by-minute textual commentary for the match. The app even provides video highlights for some matches and football shows. In addition, it lets you personalize its looks. From within the app’s Settings menu, you can set one of three images s the app’s background. From the same menu you can also set the refresh rate for content.

ScoreMobile FC is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Click the link provided below to head on over to the app’s Web Marketplace page.

Download ScoreMobile FC

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