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Screen DIY: Get Free Themes & Icon Skins For Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Usually you can differentiate between a jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS device by merely looking at its Springboard. The amount of theming capabilities on offer via the Cydia store is pretty impressive, and the major portion of updates in the jailbreak store consists of themes and other cosmetic stuff for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So, to quell the jealousy of all such iOS users who don’t have access to the Cydia store, there are many apps which can act as an alternative to applying custom themes to your iDevice. One such app is Screen DIY, which brings a lot of themes, icon skins and icon shelves to your non-jailbroken iDevice.

Screen DIY iOS Home Screen DIY iOS Save Page

Screen DIY won’t apply actual icon skins and shelves to your Springboard, but rather provide you with wallpapers which are designed to make the users feel as if they are looking at actual new skins. For the convenience of its users, Screen DIY has the wallpapers on offer categorized into three classes. There are App Shelves, Icon Skins and Background. All these options are listed on the homepage of the app, and you can enter each section with a single tap. One inside, you are greeted by a grid of wallpapers relevant to the chosen category. To get any of them just tap the thumbnail, and wait for the image to load up. Once it has, you can preview it by tapping the grid button at the right of the bottom bar. If you are satisfied, press the red Save button and the wallpaper will be downloaded to the Camera Roll of your iPhone.

Screen DIY Icon Shelves Screen DIY Icon Skins

You can apply each downloaded wallpaper to your device’s lockscreen as well as the homepage. If the wallpaper you applied was an icon shelve, the text beneath each app icon on your Springboard will be aligned perfectly with the lines in the image in such a way as to give the appearance that the icons are actually integrated with the shelve. The same holds true for icon skins, upon which the app icons get superimposed. Any empty icon space will show the default icon image.

Screen DIY also has a New Release section on its main page. This is for the reason that the app gets new wallpapers pretty regularly, and all the new additions to its database can be found here. All the wallpapers in Screen DIY are available for free, and the app itself is also available as a free download for a limited time. You can get Screen DIY from the link below.

Download Screen DIY

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