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Scribd Reader Is The Official Scribd Document Explorer For Android

Scribd is a popular online multi-format document sharing platform that needs no long introduction. Whether you’re a student, researcher or a casual user who frequently needs some assistance with preparing notes and assignments via online content, chances are that you might’ve stumbled across the said service somewhere down the line. So far, Android users were able to access the service’s rich repository of documents via the official website or several third-party clients, but you no longer need to resort to any such alternative means as the official Scribd client for Android has just been rolled out into the Android Market. Packed with hundreds of thousands of online documents and eBooks, the app ensures that you can access all documents shared publicly on the Scribd network to find content pertaining to virtually any topic ranging from music to computers, and numerous others in between. With the app, you can also get handy recommendations for reading documents about various featured topics. In addition, the option to manually search for required content across the entire Scribd network, and access recently explored documents with a mere tap make the app a handy tool to have.


When launched, the app displays various Featured documents under the relevant tab. Alongside each document, you can also see brief information about the user as well as the total number of Reads and Pages.

Tap any document to read it in full-screen. The speed at which documents are opened may vary depending upon the number of pages involved. Similarly, the quality and rendition of pages within any two documents could also vary significantly.


Using pinch-to-zoom gestures, you can easily zoom in/out of documents (for a better readability experience). Swiping left/right on a page helps you switch between any two pages within that document. All the recently opened documents can be accessed from under the Recent Docs tab on the app’s homescreen. Tapping the Search tab lets you input the keyword(s) for which you wish to search the required documents on Scribd.


That’s very much about it as far as the debut version of Scribd for Android is concerned. Hopefully, with future iterations, the client would only get better, and bring lots more features to the table. The option of accessing your personal Scribd account to upload/download documents, the day/night reading mode feature, option to share documents with others, and a category-based documents library are some of the goodies that can be added to the mix in order to make Scribd a powerful mobile document reading/sharing tool.

Download Scribd Reader for Android

1 Comment

  1. My three reasons for never wanting to sign-up, or use your Android app:

    FIRST, too much of your content is “premium.”

    SECOND, you can’t even get your website right. For example, when I scroll to the very bottom to see your links to things like “Contact” or “Scribd Store” or “Premium Reader,” before I can even read them all, much less figure out which one I want to click on, your insane design auto-adds another pageful of choices to the screen, thereby pushing to the bottom, out of view, that which I was viewing. Anyone who thinks that’s a good web design can’t possibly know what they’re doing in virtually any other area.

    THIRD, the same kind of nutty thinking that is behind your website is clearly also behind your Android app, hence its only 3.6 star rating. Good apps always get at least 4-star ratings… usually higher. While the public may generally not be counted-on to choose well either apps or television programming (hence, in the case of the latter, why we have so much “reality” TV), it can usually be counted on to notice bad programming and technical problems… which, if you read user comments, is what’s going on with your Android app.

    Scribd has always been aloof, clueless and profit-motivated. Nothing’s changed. I’ll have nothing to do with it.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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