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Search And Download Classic Game Console Emulator ROMs For Android

Emulator ROMs for Android has been around for a while. The application provides a fast and easy platform for searching and downloading gaming console emulators for NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis, the PlayStation and Wi Game and an endless collection of game ROMs. Emulator ROMs Plus is a sequel to the mentioned freeware. This time around, the developer has decided to include only the most classic gaming systems. Good news for oldie fans.

The application is still free and has four new console emulators and their ROMs added to its database. The PSX (PlayStation) database has been removed and the SMS, Game Gear and Atari 2600 gaming systems have been added.

The interface is simple and efficient just as before, providing the user with a faster alternative (for finding emulators and their ROMs) to both the browser and Android Market.

Download Emulator ROMs Plus


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