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Search, Caption & Share Photos With Blurtt For iPhone

Most of us spend more time texting, or using messengers, than we do making phone calls. Writing words has become an important medium of sharing, specially since the advent of SMS. There are occasions, however, when the complete spirit of what you are trying to say cannot be conveyed fully with mere words. In scenarios like these, you just wish that there was some way to tell your correspondent the way you meant to say something. The easiest method of doing so is via photos, and that’s why so many people like to use emoticons with their texts. Blurtt is an iOS app which takes things a step further and using this app you can choose any picture, add a caption to it and then share it with your friends via Email, SMS, on Facebook or through Twitter.

Blurtt Feed Blurtt Settings

Blurtt has a network of its own, and each photo created and captioned through it is shared with other users of the app as well. It is possible to use Blurtt without signing up, but things get even better if you do so. The sign up procedure takes place in the My Account menu, where there are options available to create a Blurtt account via Facebook, Twitter or through an email address. In addition to that you will have to enter your other credentials like name, a new password and an app-specific username. Once you have done that, feel free to go to the Browse tab and view the popular and recent photos created and shared by other users. It is possible to use any of those pics to create a picture message of your own, and the app provides you with options to modify the text, and make a few basic changes to the picture (resize and move).

Blurtt Web Search Blurtt Preview

Apart from the option to use photos shared by fellow Blurtt users, the app also has a search section, using which you can get any image from the web and use it to create a new captioned photo of your own. A similar option exists for loading images stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When you are done adding the captions and adjusting the image, you can share it over Facebook, Twitter or on the network on offer by Blurtt. The app also has an option to let you share photos anonymously.

Blurtt Image Caption Blurtt Sharing

The app has got a few really good fonts for captions, and even lets you resize the text. The images created by Blurtt can be used in emails, texts or saved to your phone locally. Blurtt is available as a free download, and sports a perfect combination of fun and usefulness.

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