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Search & Download Ringtones To WP Mango Unlocked Devices [Homebrew]

There has been a lot going on about Windows Phone 7 and ringtones. Custom ringtones have been one of those things which WP7’s competitor’s have boasted about whereas Microsoft’s mobile operating system lacked it. There have been a lot of solutions swirling around but sadly most of them need a developer unlocked device as you have to deploy a XAP file to get custom ringtones. If any of you were wondering if the case will remain the same with Mango, then here is the answer. There’s certainly an improvement on this front but you still need an unlocked device for getting ringtones of your choice on your device. R1ng3d manages everything about ringtones in WP Mango.


The homebrew is pretty similar to a YouTube downloader, minus the fact that it deals exclusively with ringtones. You do not have to add any particular websites or ringtone sources to R1ng3d, everything has been taken care of. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and the name (or a vague idea) of the tone you want to search for. The app pulls all possible matches from all over the web and lists the finds.

The app lets you play the ringtone before you download it. Once downloaded ringtones are visible in the settings menu. For a downloaded clip to count as a ringtone, it can not be longer than 30 seconds. That’s all there is to it.

This handy little app has been brewed by XDA-Developers member snickler and can be downloaded at the source link given below.

[via XDA-Developers]

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