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Secure Sensitive Information Under One Password With Vault For WP7

It’s nearly impossible to keep a mental record of your entire work security information, National ID Card number, credit and debit card PINs etc, and keeping the information in a book or slip of paper isn’t a feasible solution at all. Wouldn’t it be better if you could save a digital copy of all your private information in one place under just one security code? Vault for Windows Phone 7 lets you save information about your credit cards, debit cards, work, personal, social accounts information and more and secure it all under one password.

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You can also store a secret question relevant to the password as well. If you feel like changing the password and secret question at a later stage, you can do so by tapping the settings button in the bottom bar. The app lets you store information under four categories, namely Financial Cards, ID Cards, Internet, and Bank Accounts.

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While saving data for a card (credit, debit or other), you can take a snapshot of the card, specify its Title, the Branch which issued the card, its Expiration Date and/or PIN. Uunder the Internet category, you can save the E-mail Address, Password and Answer to secret question for an online account.

Vault stores all its data offline, so you don’t have to worry about your data landing into the wrong hands. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

Download Vault

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