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Securely Manage Bills & Bank Accounts On iPhone & Android With Manilla

Manilla is a pretty well-known service used in many parts of the world by people wishing to maintain and manage their bank accounts and other financial utilities. All you have to do is to go to Manilla’s website and sign up for free. All the accounts you will add to Manilla will become accessible through a single pass key set by the user and all your financial information will be streamlined within it. A pretty useful functionality, right? Well, it just got more useful, as now you can use Manilla on your Android or iOS device.

ManillaAccount Add

With the Manilla app, the first thing you have to do is to set up an account (assuming you don’t have one already). The setting up of the account should be enough to convince you that Manilla takes your security really seriously. Not only is a strong password required, security questions (two of them) are also asked for extra layers of security.


Not only can you keep an eye on your account balances and transaction details via this app, you can also choose to pay your bills through Manilla. No need to go through lengthy procedures of bill clearances when you have Manilla. The app keeps track of what bills are nearing their due dates and keeps reminding you about them. Push notifications can also be enabled to receive reminders without opening the app.

A pretty useful free app if you have multiple credit cards, cable services, or bills from any other paid services which pile up, making it hard to follow what exactly you owe to which company.

Download Manilla For iOS

Download Manilla For Android

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