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Seedair +3 Lets You Explore & Share Geotagged Photos & URLs [Android]

Seedair +3 is a relatively fresh location-based social media-sharing and networking startup that specifically targets mobile users. Through its highly interactive and visually appealing Android app, Seedair +3 lets you instantly share geo-tagged photos, URLs and short messages that can be seen by other app users within your vicinity. You can opt to keep the shared content visible to all, none (apart from you), or only your Seedair +3 friends. There are multiple ways of exploring all the Airsigns (content shared via Seedair +3), and while you explore, the app provides you with a chance to add new friends to your social circle. In addition, it presents you with a host of customary socializing tool, using which you may like, comment on, or share an Airsign with your online buddies.

Before jumping onto the Seedair +3 social network bandwagon, you must log in to the app using a valid Seedair +3 ID. New accounts can be created from within the app for free. Once logged in, you are welcomed by the app’s homescreen that automatically determines your current location via GPS, and prompts you to set your general visibility status for any Airsign that you wish to share on the network.

Seedair 3-Android-LoginSeedair 3-Android-Home

All in all, the app’s main interface presents you with a total of five different tools. To get into the sharing side of things, tap Create Airsign. Next up, compose your brief message, attach the required media content (URL/photo) along with the message, and hit Publish to tag the shared message to your current location.

Reality View is from where you can explore all the Airsigns shared by other app users from within your location. Each Airsign can be viewed in the form of an individual placemark on the map, tapping which reveals the message along with the attached content, as well as the profile of the person who has shared it. Beneath the map, you can see the avatars of all the people whose Airsigns are visible on the map. You can navigate to any desired part of the map to explore all the underlying Airsigns.

Seedair 3-Android-AirsignSeedair 3-Android-Photo

Tapping the Mainpinwall tab on the app’s homescreen lists your own activities on the network in a chronological order. It is from this screen that you can check all the likes and comments that your Airsigns have received. Plus, you may also jump to one of your Seedair +3 friend’s profiles by tapping the menu button in the top-right side of the screen. While exploring an Airsign, you can tap the image thumbnail to view it in full-screen. Tapping a URL lets you explore it via a browser of choice. AS mentioned earlier, each Airsign can be explored on map, starred (like), commented on, or shared further, right from within the app’s interface.

The Tubeview tab on the app’s main interface lets you filter and view all the various messages, photos and starred content shared by various Seedair +3 users from within your current location. The Mailbox tab, as its name suggests, lists all your personal Seedair +3 messages and notifications. Apart from befriending a Seedair +3 user, you can also explore all the geo-tagged content that they’ve shared. Moreover, you can also see the list of their friends, send friend requests to new users and expand your pool of friends to see the world from the eyes of various app users who’re spread in all the different parts of the world.

Seedair 3-Android-UserSeedair 3-Android-Profile

As one would expect from any new entrant, the user base of Seedair +3 is currently a little under-developed, but as the app reaches out to masses (preferably, to iOS users, too), we could soon have a very handy social media sharing tool on our mobile devices. Seedair +3 is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.3.7 (Gingerbread) or higher to run.

Download Seedair +3 for Android

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