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Send Free SMS To Anyone With Cross-Platform Messenger HeyWire [WP7]

HeyWire is a messaging service that has been around for quite a while on iOS and Android. It is a very useful app, using which you can send free SMS to any number in the US. Even if the recipient is living outside the ‘States, texts can be sent if they, too, have HeyWire, or any other service that assigns US numbers to its users (like Google Voice). HeyWire has extended its reach considerably now, as recently, the Windows Phone 7 client of the service was released. Read on to know of all the features HeyWire brings to the Mango platform.

Heywire WP7 Heywire WP7 Thread

To use HeyWire, you have to link your Facebook account with it. After you have done that, choose a screen name and password, and once you enter your email address, you are good to go. The app also inquires about your whereabouts and time zone, so that it provides its services accordingly. If you are living outside the US, HeyWire will assign a new phone number to you, based in the US. All the texts you send via the app will be sent through that number. To view your assigned number at any time, you can go to the Settings menu in the app.

Whenever you want to send a text using HeyWire, you can do so by hitting the Compose button. You can add the recipient’s number manually, or by tapping the ‘+’ button, which will take you to the People hub. To dismiss the keyboard, tap the empty orange area. When you are done typing the SMS in the white text box, hit the Enter button on your keyboard, and the message will be sent, as long as the recipient’s number is from a supported country. Needless to say, messages are sent through your data connection, so make sure you have internet access in order to use this app.

There are a lot of messenger apps already in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and that’s why an app needs to bring something really special to the mix in order to attract a considerable number of fans. Interface is cerainly not that strong point in HeyWire, as the app would have been a whole lot better if the interface was a bit more responsive and attractive, but the app does get the work done pretty efficiently, and as it does not cost you anything, it is definitely worth a try.

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  1. Actually, HeyWire allows to send and recieve text messages from many countries for free, not only in the US, even if the other person it is not using HeyWire. That’s the reason I use it, I have relatives in other countries.

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