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Send & Receive SMS On Homescreen With QuickSMS [Android]

A few years back, before the world knew the likes of iOS and Android, smartphones required tech-savvy users to be taken full advantage of. This all changed with iOS’ simplicity-of-use and Android’s vast customization possibilities. Android, in particular, optimized the way we work, interact and socialize by delivering apps, tweaks and workarounds that weren’t possible in any other smartphone platform. When it comes to customizing and tweaking Android according to your own desires and wishes, there is hardly any competition. Texting via Android is as simple as using a 90’s Nokia phone, supplemented further with the several SMS/MMS utilities available in Android Market. In presence of such handy apps as Handsent and Go SMS, a tiny and light weight QuickSMS widget has been released with the intent of making it easier to read, reply, delete and navigate text messages from the comfort of your phone’s home screen.

Coming from Helion Mobile, QuickSMS aims to make you “quicker” in handling your text messages. Being text savvy, we decided to take QuickSMS Android app for a quick ride in Addictive Labs. It was easier to spot the app on Market via “QuickSMS” keyword search and downloading went glitch-free as expected. Once installed, it was a bit of hassle to find this app as it doesn’t come with an App drawer icon. It is necessary to mention here that you will need to keep this widget in your phone’s (internal) memory, as pushing it to SD card won’t let it function. As with all widgets, QuickSMS can be added to home screen by tapping and holding the main screen, and selecting QuickSMS from the widgets list.


The widget features a smart interface with multiple options. The best thing about this SMS widget is that you have a separate notification bubble that lets you jump to the latest message received. Apart from that, there is a dedicated delete button accompanied by compose new SMS option and simple forward/backward navigation icons. The reply bar in this widget is another good feature, complete with its own interface. In our opinion, the reply interface is way too simple as you can only reply to initial text sender. It would have been great if there were options to add more recipients, forwarding and archiving available.


The widget’s settings will allow you to toggle notifications, filter messages and even help you in resetting message notification ringtone. You can also determine keyboard style and tinker with contact avatar settings.

All in all, QuickSMS is a well-executed great idea with light weight and spot-on features. The app comes in free [ad-supported] and paid [no-ads] versions.

Download QuickSMS  QuickApp-QR

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