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Set A Homepage In iOS’ Mobile Safari With HomeSafari [Cydia]

Last year in August, we covered a Cydia tweak which went by the rather lengthy name of Home button in Safari. It was a pretty useful tweak, as it added the much-needed home button to Mobile Safari in iOS devices. By default, it is not possible to navigate to a predefined homepage in Safari on your iPhone, and that tweak added a simple button which let you do that. If you read the review mentioned above, or have used the tweak yourself, then you surely know that Home Button in Safari has a rather drab interface, and is quite single-purpose. HomeSafari is a tweak that (in addition to having a better name than Home button in Safari) performs almost the same function, but in a really comprehensive manner. Apart from adding a home button to your iDevice’s Safari, the tweak also ensures that every time the browser is launched on a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it opens to your defined homepage. This can prove to be a useful feature for a lot of users, even if they don’t want a Home button in the browser. Setting up a homepage like Google.com will make Safari launch in less time, as by default it tries to load the page that was last opened, and that often takes time.

HomeSafari Settings HomeSafari Menu

After its installation, you will see that HomeSafari adds a new menu of its own to the stock Settings app. In this menu, it is possible to set a homepage for Safari, and you can also toggle on or the action menu home button, and the ability of the tweak to open the browser on the chosen website every time it is launched. After you have applied these changes, you will see that the action menu in Safari (accessible through the arrow icon next to the address bar) has been given a complete new look, which is much better than the one sported by the stock Safari app. Functionality-wise, there is one change in this menu after the installation of HomeSafari, and that is the addition of a new button labeled Home Page.

Apart from the button, the tweak will make your chosen homepage load up every time Safari is launched. A pretty useful tweak, which would have been worth a download only for the makeover it gives to the action menu in the iOS browser. HomeSafari is a free tweak, and you can grab it from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store.

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