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Set Task Reminders For Your Friends With Get Tofu For iPhone

You can use the iPhone’s stock Reminders app to keep track of things you are supposed to do, and there are many popular third-party alternatives available as well. However, there are many things we simply can’t do alone, and have to depend on other people to get them done. One way is to continuously remind them via phone calls, email or text messages, or you can make full use of your iOS device and Get Tofu. It is an app which will let you create reminders, but not for yourself – for your friends. Once you are connected with a person via Get Tofu, you can set Missions for them, and when they have accomplished the assigned task and marked it as done, you will be notified immediately.

Get Tofu List Get Tofu Mission

To get the maximum out of Get Tofu, it is better if you are connected with your friends on the app. For this, Tofu will scan your address book, and everyone having an email ID or phone number against their name can be added to your Get Tofu network. To assign a task to a person, go to the main menu and tap the ‘+’ button. You will be presented with a list of people you have chosen to add to Get Tofu. In addition to individuals, the app also supports adding groups, making it a good tool to have if you are working on a team project. For each mission you have to select a date and time by which you expect it to be accomplished. A short description must also be written for the task, and once all that has been done, you can share the mission by tapping the Send button in the top right corner of the screen.

A notification will be sent to the receiver, and they will be continuously nagged about the task as the target time approaches. A similar notification also appears when another Get Tofu user tags you in a task. If you are using the lite version of Get Tofu, you can only create two missions each day, and to get unlimited access you have to make an in-app purchase worth $0.99. This upgrade will also get rid of the ads displayed in the app. The concept behind Get Tofu is truly useful, and you and you can check it out by heading to the App Store link below.

Download Get Tofu

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