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Post To Multiple Social Networks With SocialBlast For Android

Hooked to multiple social networks? Looking for a simple method to post status updates to all of them at once? While you may find plenty of solutions in the Android Market that help you with achieving said purpose effectively, few would come across as simple and effective as SocialBlast – a free Android app that lets you quickly post status updates, share images and check-in to various social networking services in one go. No need to login to separate services to update your status. The app supports adding multiple accounts from a particular service and lets you sync your account(s) manually.

As of now, SocialBlast comes with support for four leading social media services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Going by the developer’s word, as soon as an API for Google+ is available, it would be integrated within the app as well. iPhone and iPad clients are awaiting in the pipeline too. You need to have a valid SocialBlast account to start having a ‘blast’ with your social media buddies. Don’t have one? No worries, you can setup a new account from within the app and it’s free. Once installed, you can start adding your accounts from the aforementioned services.

All your Social Accounts are displayed on the homescreen. You can easily add / remove accounts from this screen. Coming to the app itself, you’re presented with a nice compact screen with a message box and an Update button. You can also find three other buttons on this screen. The first one lets you select your preferred account(s) on which you’d like to post your status message. Second button lets you add an image that would be posted along with your message. You can import an image file from your gallery or capture a fresh one. The third button lets you check-in with Facebook and/or Foursquare. Just type a new status message, add an image and press update. It’s as simple as that and it truly works.

The only annoyance in an otherwise useful looking app is the Ads that the user has to bear at almost every single tap.

Download SocialBlast from the Android Market and explore a new way of collaborating with your social media friends.

Download SocialBlast for Android

Update: The app has been updated with a couple of very useful features. These include integrated support for Google TV, as well as the much-needed support for the famous URL shortening service, bit.ly.

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