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Share Your Views On The Weather With Weathermob For iPhone

When there’s nothing to talk about, there’s always the weather. Each time you are not sure what you should say to fill up an awkward gap in a conversation with an acquaintance, a discussion on the weather comes to your rescue. Seeing how much people talk about weather in general, the developers of Weathermob came up with the idea of combining weather and social networking into a crowd-sourcing app that, like recently reviewed Weddar for Android, allows users to share their thoughts on the current day’s weather. More after the break.

Weathermob Weathermob Report

You will need to sign up for an account to use Weathermob, which just requires an email ID and a few particulars. Once that is done, the app detects your current location, and presents all the reports submitted by users near you. The overview of weather conditions posted by each user is shown in the form of an emoticon, along with the average temperature of the location in Fahrenheit. Users can submit text reviews, photos or reports based on graphical emoticons to report the weather conditions in their area.

Weathermob Forecast Weathermob Feed

You can view a more detailed weekly forecast of your area from within the Forecast section. The reports from all the users in an area are visible in the Latest section of the app. The options under each report allows you to comment on and favorite the post, and follow the user who submitted it. A list of all users you follow is displayed within the Following tab.

Weathermob is available for free on the iTunes App Store. You can download it from the link provided below.

Download Weathermob

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